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Customer Testimonials
"Katey, my 16 year old mixed lab has been eating Chow Bella for 9 months and she loves it. Best of all, Katey has lost weight and that is good because she was over-weight and has arthritis. She now moves around a lot more easily. I know she is eating a healthy balanced diet and we both love that. I am so pleased with Katey's results that our veterinarian has suggested that I feed Chow Bella cat food to Patty my 16 year old Tabby. So now my pets are totally dedicated to Chow Bella!"

organic all natural dog food & cat food"When my beloved 11 year old golden retriever was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease, I consulted a naturopathic vet who prescribed a natural diet for Shane, consisting of meat, vegetables, tofu and hard boiled eggs. Since I work full time, it was hard to figure out how I could possibly cook all of Shane's meals for him. He is a 70 lb. dog and eats a great amount of food! That is where Mary came to the rescue. Mary has been extremely flexible with me, working out an arrangement where I cook some of Shane's meals and she cooks some. She actually came to my house to meet Shane so she could get an idea of who she was cooking for and we could thoroughly discuss Shane's needs. She has been meticulous about following the recipe for Shane's food, making exactly the quantities and mixture of ingredients that the vet specified. She always delivers when she says she will, and her prices are reasonable. The food comes individually packaged and uniformly mixed, and believe me, Shane scarfs it down! The good news is that there has been a definite improvement in Shane's health since starting the diet. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone who needs assistance with a natural diet for their pet."

“My very old collie had no interest in food and was losing weight. I started him on Chow Bella homemade dog food and he loved it. He has regained his interest in life and it is so great to see. Because he liked it so much, I started feeding it to our dachshund. She loves it too. Then I added our cats. We have 5 cats and four of them love it. They have all become extremely shiny. Mary is great. I call her about 5 days to a week before I need more food and she delivers it, frozen, in zip lock bags that are convenient sizes for the animals I'm feeding. It also makes me very happy to feed my animals such high quality and healthy food.”

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