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Why Chow Bella

Chow Bella pet food is “Customer Formula Feed”. What this means is that each order is prepared according to the customer’s specifications. It is homemade pet food prepared for each customer to meet their pet’s specific dietary needs. All ingredients used in Chow Bella pet food are human-grade, purchased at the same grocery stores and food suppliers used by most of us who live in the Seattle area. You, the customer (after consulting with your veterinarian) provide your pet’s “Formula” or recipe to Chow Bella, and it will be made for you. Ingredients can be traditionally-grown, those sold as free-range or organically-grown.

If you have discussed a homemade diet with your veterinarian and have specific guidelines that should be followed (such as the percentage and type of proteins, vegetables, and grains (if any) to be used, along with the daily food quantity required), then Chow Bella can work within those guidelines to create your pet’s recipe.

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