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How do I contact Chow Bella pet food?

Please contact Chow Bella (Mary Hanley, owner) at 206-281-9526. Thank you for considering Chow Bella!

What is Chow Bella pet food?

Chow Bella pet food is “Customer Formula Feed”. What this means is that each order is prepared according to the customer’s specifications. It is homemade pet food prepared for each customer to meet their pet’s specific dietary needs. All ingredients used in Chow Bella pet food are human-grade, purchased at the same grocery stores and food suppliers used by most of us who live in the Seattle area. You, the customer (after consulting with your veterinarian) provide your pet’s “Formula” or recipe to Chow Bella, and it will be made for you. Ingredients can be traditionally-grown, those sold as free-range or organically-grown. If you do not already have a “Formula” or recipe for your pet, see the detail below on “How does Chow Bella develop customer formula recipes”.

How is Chow Bella pet food packaged?

Chow Bella pet food is provided to each customer frozen in plastic zip-bags, in portions of the customer’s choice (e.g. one day per zip-bag or more). Orders are usually prepared in one-month batches; however discounts are available for larger orders. Specialty packaging is available if requested.

How can I start using Chow Bella for my pet?

If you already have a recipe for your pet’s food, and have obtained your veterinarian’s approval for its use, then just place a call to Chow Bella now! A price quote for 30-days of your recipe will be provided and you can then decide if you would like to place an order for 30 days or more.

How is Chow Bella pet food supplied to the customer?

If you live in the Seattle area, you may choose to pick up your order from Chow Bella, located in the Magnolia neighborhood. Or, it can be delivered to you for a fee based upon your location. Overnight shipping (in a Styrofoam container with a frozen jell-pack) is also available, for a fee based upon your location.

How does Chow Bella develop customer formula recipes?

If you have discussed a homemade diet with your veterinarian and have specific guidelines that should be followed (such as the percentage and type of proteins, vegetables, and grains (if any) to be used, along with the daily food quantity required), then Chow Bella can work within those guidelines to create your pet’s recipe.

If you are having difficulty finding a veterinarian who will counsel you on homemade pet food diets, you may want to contact one of the naturopathic or holistic veterinarians listed on the American Holistic Veterinarian Association’s website: www.ahvma.org. Another option would be for you to do some research on homemade pet food diets and then discuss one or more of them with your veterinarian.

It is imperative that you work under the direction of your veterinarian while utilizing homemade pet food diets to ensure that all the nutritional needs of your pet are being met, including the need to supplement the diet with vitamins, minerals and/or amino acids. Some supplements may be added to the food by Chow Bella at the time it is prepared, if so desired (and approved by your veterinarian). Suggested reading on homemade pet food diets include:

- The Last Chance Dog by Donna Kelleher, D.V. M., distributed by Simon & Schuster Inc.

- Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats by Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M, and Ph.D. & Susan Hubble Pitcairn; distributed by St. Martin’s Press.

- The Nature of Animal Healing by Martin Goldstein, D.V.M.; distributed by Random House Inc.

- Food Pets Die For by Ann N. Martin; distributed by Publishers Group West.

Finally, Chow Bella can work directly with your veterinarian to obtain the best homemade diet for your pet (with your veterinarian’s prior approval).

How much does Chow Bella pet food cost?

The cost for each customer formula will vary depending upon the quantity and type of ingredients used (e.g. traditionally-grown turkey, beef, chicken, fish, etc. vs. free-range or organic; traditionally-grown vegetables vs. organic, etc.). The cost ranges provided below are based upon the recipes currently utilized by Chow Bella for various pets. These prices are provided to give you an idea of the range of costs for Chow Bella homemade pet food. It is important to keep in mind that the ingredients used in Chow Bella pet food are of the same quality as what most people are eating today (if not better!). Experts have said that good nutrition can lead to reduced medical costs for pets. At a minimum, you will know exactly what is in every one of your pet’s meals. Preparation of homemade pet food can be time consuming, and part of the value of Chow Bella is that it saves you the time and energy of preparing your pet’s food yourself!

Example costs for Chow Bella pet food (prices vary depending up ingredients used and current market prices):

Cat Food: (3/4 cup per day) $160.00 to $200.00 for a 30-day supply

Dog Food: Small dog (1 cup per day): $150.00 to $180.00 for a 30 day-day supply
Medium dog (3 cups per day): $150.00 to 250.00 for a 30-day supply
Large dog (7 cups per day): $225.00 to $280.00 for a 30-day supply

Discounts are available for larger orders (e.g. multiple pets and/or batches larger than 30 days). WA State Sales Tax will be added for sales within WA. Delivery and/or Shipping are available for an additional fee. Please contact Chow Bella for further information.

How do I Check Chow Bella's References?

Please contact us! References from Chow Bella clients are available upon request.

Do you have any additional information about holistic pet care?

The following websites give you additional resources on holistic pet care and homemade diets for pets:

Donna Kelleher, D.V.M. (a Seattle-area holistic veterinarian): www.wholepetvet.com

American Holistic Veterinary Association: www.ahvma.com
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